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I am a graduate from Central Saint-Martins and work in my studio at Craft Central Clerkenwell Greens London since 2013.

Fragility is characteristic of my works, creating “ephemeral” pieces, playing with “see-threw” and translucidity giving a sense of tension both in space and time to reveal an intimate and enigmatic ambience often viewed as a negative trait, it can be the essence of beauty and poetic feeling.

The life of my artwork is not “eternal” and perhaps my “ephemeral” ceramics will challenge people to appreciate the fragile and temporary nature of the life we lead today as not fulfill their emotional need with the futility in life. Experience a “Treasure” to smash!

In today’s globalized world made-up of continuous demands and requirements, confined by the rigidity of maps and « open boundaries » we tend to feel insecure, muffled by our contemporary life-style and we lose any sense of ourselves.

People’s reaction is to look back on history and become nostalgic in order to find some comfort and support in answering the numerous and accumulated questions that confront them.

In addition, juxtaposed or superimposed on modernity, a « local » thinking emerges which define sir select those items that are our real needs. A thinking that teaches us our limits and establishes « new boundaries ».