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 Handmade in Britain 2016

Part display, part art installation, you won’t miss Remy Dubibe’s stand. A graduate from Central Saint Martins, Remy is a ceramic artist who is making his name for the delicate, translucent and poetic ceramic work he creates. Among the pieces he makes are arresting, statement jewellery (origami in day), and curious lamps with a sense of the organic (seek out his honeycombed porcelain examples – as pale and fragile in appearance as a wasp’s nest). Decorative works of art, Remy’s work challenges and delights.

  Intrigue Emporium – Summer Show

Remy Dubibé definitely embodies Intrigue Emporium’s ‘Outrageously Creative’ ethos, we’ve never seen anybody do something like this with ceramics. His stall itself felt like an art installation, we’re so glad he came to exhibit with us! His jewellery, complicated and ostentatious, are amazing works of art in themselves, looking great lit up by his ceramic lighting. The whole thing was mesmerizing! With each of his ceramic pieces on each of his jewellery sets individually crafted, wearing one of these pieces must make you feel like a walking piece of art.

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  Intrigue Emporium – Featured Designers and Creators

Remy Dubibé is an artist and a self-proclaimed a hoarder of souvenirs and memories, fascinated by the sensitivity and elegance from the eclectic chaos of sounds and images, feelings and dreams found in the routine of every day life and features the sentimentality of these memories into his work. Today fragility is characteristic of his works, creating “ephemeral” pieces, working with thin surfaces and layers, playing with translucidity, giving a sense of tension both in space and time trying to reveal an intimate and enigmatic ambiance. Remy Dubibé will feature limited edition pieces of jewellery and ceramic homeware at Intrigue Emporium’s Summer Show.

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  House of Coco – Interview

Precious trash! Experience a delicate and poetic « story » born out of my memories into an intimate and vibrant atmosphere of stunning porcelain installations and decorative or wearable works of art. The « Fragility » characteristic if my work is expressed through its edgy qualities, driven by experimentation..

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  Amelia’s Magazine

Amazing necklace art by Remy Dubibe at Central Saint Martins..

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  Nathassia – Photographe

Open Studios at Craft Central / London / 15-18 May 2014..

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